No Electric Blanket For Me

This year I'm doing Stacey Julian's Inspired Scrapbooking class at Big Picture Classes and the theme for January is seasons. My favourite season is Winter, lots of cosy moments without a lot of being hot and sweaty. The journalling reads: I grew up in a household that didn't use electric blankets, so I've never thought … Continue reading No Electric Blanket For Me

Photo Walk: Uni in Winter

I'm so glad that all those years ago I chose Macquarie University for my studies. Most of the time when I'm on campus I'm desperately trying to finish an assignment or it's night time and I'm mentally drained from so much reading so I don't appreciate what a beautiful place the campus is. I love … Continue reading Photo Walk: Uni in Winter

Appreciation for fungi

I love rainy and wintery weather and all the beautiful things that come with it. Macquarie University on a cold rainy day I found these cute mushrooms on campus recently. It seemed appropriate that the area I found them was near the Biology department and completely unassuming. Unidentified fungi on campus I feel like that's … Continue reading Appreciation for fungi