Exploring Edinburgh – title page

My overseas holiday in 2010 included lots of places and lots of stories, so when I put together the scrapbook I felt like I needed dividers to break it up. This is the divider to start the Edinburgh section (the first place I ventured). I created all the layouts for Edinburgh and was left with … Continue reading Exploring Edinburgh – title page

Beauty out of adversity

I love this photo, but it could never figure out quite how to put it on a layout. The photo's from 2009, that's how long I've been putting it off. A scrapbooking weekend away allowed me the time to really think about how to scrap it. The flower was one from my garden, and I'm … Continue reading Beauty out of adversity

No Electric Blanket For Me

This year I'm doing Stacey Julian's Inspired Scrapbooking class at Big Picture Classes and the theme for January is seasons. My favourite season is Winter, lots of cosy moments without a lot of being hot and sweaty. The journalling reads: I grew up in a household that didn't use electric blankets, so I've never thought … Continue reading No Electric Blanket For Me

Bard without the boring bits

My scrappy friends exclaimed over the fact that I created a layout all about one ticket. This made me think (again) about how there's no right way to scrapbook or do memory keeping - whatever works for you is the right way. 'The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)' was a mash-up of 37 of … Continue reading Bard without the boring bits

European Adventure – title page

I combined three sets of products I just couldn't work out how to use in this travel album title page - wood veneer geotags, chipboard country names and a beautiful scrapbook paper of a European map. In the end I realised I was over-complicating the situation - I love all three components of the layout … Continue reading European Adventure – title page