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The first layout of a new year of Project Life is always special, but it comes with a little anxiety for me as well. I feel pressure (self imposed as always) to make it a good layout, to set the tone for the coming year. It’s the first page I and others will look at so it needs to ‘make the grade’, so to speak.


In the last few years I have really wanted to do Project Life as I went through the year, but with Masters going on in a totally different head space it hasn’t worked out (still trying to scrap all the photos and ephemera from 2013 & 2014 that haven’t made it into albums yet). I’ve got renewed determination now, so I changed to the smaller size (6×8) as it seems more achievable.


I’m not making myself do a layout a week as I have in the past, but I take lots or photos so it may happen that often. I’m not numbering my weeks, so the blog posts will have descriptive titles rather than week numbers. Numbering the weeks just makes me feel like I’m behind all the time, so out with that idea!


I’m very happy with this effort, and to double down on the good times I used up a bunch of scraps. The embellishments are new (loving cork embellishments from Freckled Fawn and Studio Calico right now!), the green polka dot paper is one of the insert pieces from a green Snap album and the black geotags and 2015 stickers are from the KaiserCraft Hello Today sticker sheet



So it’s another year and another Project Life cover page. Pink is not a colour I normally scrapbook with, but this time it’s working for me. This year I’m using Simple Stories 6×8 Snap albums and pocket pages in an effort to get more done during the year. I’m sick of binge catch-ups where documenting feels like a job I have to tick off my list (plus I’ve forgotten how I felt in the moment).


The 4×6 card is from a Becky Higgins class at Big Picture Classes a few years ago and the two 3×4 cards are from the Project Life Summer themed cards. I’ve added some letter stickers to say ‘2015 adventures’ and a few other small embellishments.


I’m looking forward to a year of balance between work, study and creating. Why don’t you join me?



Week 3 and it’s already time to change it up. The photo arrangement for this week meant that the title card spot was a 4×6 portrait and that just didn’t work for me. So I used created license (as I’m wont to do) and chose to put the title card in the middle left 3×4 spot… and I love it!


One 6×6 insert this week with a mini collage of some of my favourite postage stamps from my childhood stamp collection. I still collect stamps now, but I’ve pared down my collection to mainly Australian stamps so unfortunately these ones didn’t make the cut. But thanks to Project Life I still get to keep these stamps (and those memories).


A large chunk of the right hand page is given over to the beginning of my Weight Watchers journey with some girlfriends. Even just six months later I’m thankful that I created this list of motivating factors – I’m so glad I captured the way I was feeling then and there. And that picture of my tight watch band still evokes feelings of of being hot and bothered in the car on the way home from the zoo and resolving that ‘it’s time to do something about this’.



This was a really hot summer week with a 41 degree scorcher thrown in there – luckily I was at work in the aircon for most of the day.


At the beginning of the week one of my friends gave birth to her second little man, so I got to have newborn cuddles in the hospital. I don’t have kids and didn’t grow up around babies so this was a little nerve wracking. But I made it through without incident and even enjoyed it once the nerves faded.


On the weekend I travelled to Canberra for my niece’s baptism (photos in a separate layout). The ‘Canberra NOT baptism’ photos made it into this layout. Every time I’m in Canberra I feel the pull of the amazing duck sang choy bao at the Dickson Dumpling House. It won’t win any service awards, but the food is great and comes out fast. Big shout out to my aunt and uncle for the suggestion.


I was so excited to start my 2013 project life that I started before I received the Seafoam kit.


As a result of my unbridled enthusiasm I needed to do something to make up for not having a kit. This week there are three 3×4 grid cards decorated with washi tape – I quite like the look of them and unless I’m actually studying the cards I don’t notice that they’re not cards from the kit. Last year I used the title cards just with the date added, but this year I’m going a little more ‘out there’ and adding embellishments to the title cards to make each one unique.


I’m also doing a GOALS card at the beginning of each month so I can see what I planned to do each month and then look back and see what I achieved. I’m putting three goals out into the universe each month – sometimes this will be easy to achieve, sometimes it’ll be a total bust and I’m sure that sometimes I’ll put down things I know I’m going to do so I can be sure of achieving something.



Location: Sydney, Australia

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