Overview 2014

It's time again to finish the year in photos. Here's a snapshot of my favourite photos and the ones that sum up what my year's been about. This is a long post, but lots of photos and nothing too onerous to get bogged down in. The photos I have used are wonderful in my eyes, … Continue reading Overview 2014

A Field of Flowers

Over the last year I've been watching people art journal at retreats and seeing fabulous layouts on Pinterest that go beyond just paper and photos. Branching out to include 'art stuff' into my scrapbooking has become what I view as the next step in my creative journey. I always loved art class in school, so … Continue reading A Field of Flowers

Flowers for your birthday

When I made this card out of leftover scraps a few years ago I loved it so much I made a second one straight away. I gave the first card to a friend as planned, but I've been hanging on to the second one for a few years. I didn't want to part with it … Continue reading Flowers for your birthday