Exploring Edinburgh – title page

My overseas holiday in 2010 included lots of places and lots of stories, so when I put together the scrapbook I felt like I needed dividers to break it up. This is the divider to start the Edinburgh section (the first place I ventured). I created all the layouts for Edinburgh and was left with … Continue reading Exploring Edinburgh – title page

European Adventure – title page

I combined three sets of products I just couldn't work out how to use in this travel album title page - wood veneer geotags, chipboard country names and a beautiful scrapbook paper of a European map. In the end I realised I was over-complicating the situation - I love all three components of the layout … Continue reading European Adventure – title page

St Germain (and glitter)

I loved creating this page. The background paper screamed France at me, so I've been saving it for a Paris layout. I'm glad I did, the colours work really well with these St Germain photos. Once I laid down all the photos it seemed a bit dark, so I added a little glitter to brighten … Continue reading St Germain (and glitter)

Versailles Musical Fountains

The musical fountains were the highlight of my day at the Palace of Versailles. K and I had been wandering around the palace and gardens for hours. It was magnificent, but after so much it was becoming very same same. We walked around a hedge and at that moment classical music began to play and … Continue reading Versailles Musical Fountains

Place des Voges – oldest square in Paris

K and I were wandering around the back streets of Paris (from somewhere to somewhere, it's all lost in the mists of time) and a little green square on the map caught our eye. The guidebook described Place des Voges as the oldest square in Paris, so we thought it would be a nice change … Continue reading Place des Voges – oldest square in Paris