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The journalling reads:

As a teenager I wanted to maximize my sleeping time, but also not be late for work and school so this ‘alarm clock’ was devised.

Each night before I went to bed I’d set the clock to the time I needed to be up, and then I’d sleep like a baby (or more accurately a teenager) knowing that if I overslept Mum would wake me at the necessary time.

This arrangement worked extremely well – apart from making sure I was up when I needed to be, this system allayed Mum’s worries about me not being up when I should be.

And on a weekend it kind of acted like a peace-keeper: I could stay in bed as long as I wanted, but [there was tacit agreement that] normal house noises could commence after the time on my clock.




All through my childhood my parents shared a lot of English comedy with my brother and me. I have very fond memories of us all laughing ourselves silly at Fawlty Towers (Mum’s favourite anagram was Farty Towels!).

When my brother was old enough he became a devoted fan of Monty Python and the Life of Brian video (yes video) was well used.

So as a tribute to our family favourite, here’s another installment from my childhood memories SMASH book.


The journalling reads:

‘The Ministry of Silly Walks’ is a comedy sketch performed by John Cleese (as part of Monty Python).

My Dad was a huge fan of Monty Python and Mum appreciated John Cleese’s humour so somehow The Ministry of Funny Walks (as [we] call it) became one of our family jokes. Whenever someone would say ‘walk this way’, meaning ‘follow me’, we deliberately misinterpret it and take it as ‘walk in this manner’ and do our version of a silly walk.

It’s funny when I accidentally forget myself and do it with people outside my family: most people just look at me as if I’m weird, but occasionally there’s someone who appreciates what I’m doing and we have a little giggle about it.


The image above is a screenshot of the Monty Python sketch (thanks to Wikipedia) – search ‘Ministry of Silly Walks’ to see a YouTube clip.

After school I always wanted to hang out with my friends from the number 49 bus. My Mum’s rule was that I had to be home before the street lights turned on. I got to have my cake and eat it too. In hindsight, this was a very smart rule because the street lights work on light sensors so it made sure I was home before dark – my Mum’s a very smart lady!


This page in the orange Smash book just spoke to me and it didn’t take much to make it into a layout that captures the story from my high school years. I love that I can still capture this memory even though there’s no photo to scrapbook. All I used was a few words cobbled together from a selection of the soooo many alphabets I have and a Project Life journally card.


Like so many other children, the works of Beatrix Potter were a pervasive force in my early years. All the way from a Peter Rabbit bowl and spoon to the stories and beautifully illustrated books.

Even in my early adult years when I worked in a bookshop I would sell Beatrix Potter books and know that the children receiving them would be just as delighted with them as I was (and still am).

But for all I loved her characters and illustrations I didn’t know much about the actual woman. Up until I was a teenager I didn’t even know that Beatrix Potter was a woman. Only when I was googling the names of the characters for the journalling on this page I found out she was a naturalist and conservationist with interests in entomology (study of insects), botany (plants) and mycology (fungi). She pursued scientific research and opposed commonly held beliefs in an age where women weren’t even allowed to present papers. She’s just jumped to a new level of respect in my books and is up there with my favourite people.

I’d love to visit the Beatrix Potter Gallery in north-west England which is maintained by the UK National Trust. I’m adding it to my list of things to do on my dream UK rail holiday.

Over the years my parents told the story of not having much money in the early years of their marriage. They both loved food, but their tight budget meant they couldn’t eat out as much as they would have liked. So to work up an appetite they’d read cookbooks together – their version of having entrée.

Often our dinner table conversation would turn to a recipe or ingredient so the cookbooks would get pulled out and poured over, still a good family activity even to this day. Sometimes dreaming about cooking the food is just as good as the actual thing 🙂

I had some newspaper print thickers in my stash that never seemed to go with anything so I coloured them in black with an Artline marker. I combined these with tan coloured lace from World of Lace (picked up at the Craft & Quilt Fair in Sydney), gold, blue, pale grey and orange washi tapes and Kaisercraft Latte pearls.


Location: Sydney, Australia

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