Beauty out of adversity

I love this photo, but it could never figure out quite how to put it on a layout. The photo's from 2009, that's how long I've been putting it off. A scrapbooking weekend away allowed me the time to really think about how to scrap it. The flower was one from my garden, and I'm … Continue reading Beauty out of adversity

Photo Walk: Uni in Summer

I'm not a summer person. It's rare that you'll catch me outside in the height of summer. Last week the temperature in Sydney was over 30 degrees celcius almost every day. Normally in summer I'm only out of the air-conditioning just long enough to get from place to place and I rarely wander. But this … Continue reading Photo Walk: Uni in Summer

A Field of Flowers

Over the last year I've been watching people art journal at retreats and seeing fabulous layouts on Pinterest that go beyond just paper and photos. Branching out to include 'art stuff' into my scrapbooking has become what I view as the next step in my creative journey. I always loved art class in school, so … Continue reading A Field of Flowers

Photo Walk: Melbourne CBD

After a day of travelling I arrived in Melbourne before K so I ventured into the city for a bite to eat. K doesn't like Asian food so I made my way to Chinatown to get my Asian fix before she arrived. I'm of the opinion that you don't need fancy surroundings to have quality … Continue reading Photo Walk: Melbourne CBD

Versailles Musical Fountains

The musical fountains were the highlight of my day at the Palace of Versailles. K and I had been wandering around the palace and gardens for hours. It was magnificent, but after so much it was becoming very same same. We walked around a hedge and at that moment classical music began to play and … Continue reading Versailles Musical Fountains