Surprise Party

Back in 2009 my Dad’s 60th birthday was approaching and I wanted to do something special to mark the milestone. There were so many ‘famous’ stories in my family about the fantastic times he had with all types of friends – school, work, family, card nights, football and the rest – that I thought it would be fabulous to get them all together.

I enlisted the help of Mum to surreptitiously get the contact details of all the friends and invited them to my place (with a warning for secrecy of course!). Mum and I hatched a plan that she would tell him we were going out for a special birthday dinner and picking me up on the way (and she dropped some hints about seeing my brother so Dad would think that was the surprise).

When they got to my house I didn’t come out when they beeped the horn, so of course they had to come in to get me. Dad got all the way to the front door without realising something was up. I love the photo under the word ‘surprise’ – that’s the moment he cracked up laughing just inside my front door with Mum reveling in the ‘we got you!’ moment!


All around the walls of my living room Mum and I had created displays of photos from Dad’s life, so as a follow up to the party I created a scrapbook with the 60 year span of photos followed by the photos from the party and the 60th birthday cards – I gave this scrapbook to Dad for his 61st birthday (that’s how long it took me to create the whole thing!). This layout is an overview of the night for my 2009 scrapbook as I can always look at the birthday scrapbook for more shots.


It’s also my first foray into using sequins on a scrapbook layout… now I’m hooked.

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