Project Life 2013: Week 3



Week 3 and it’s already time to change it up. The photo arrangement for this week meant that the title card spot was a 4×6 portrait and that just didn’t work for me. So I used created license (as I’m wont to do) and chose to put the title card in the middle left 3×4 spot… and I love it!


One 6×6 insert this week with a mini collage of some of my favourite postage stamps from my childhood stamp collection. I still collect stamps now, but I’ve pared down my collection to mainly Australian stamps so unfortunately these ones didn’t make the cut. But thanks to Project Life I still get to keep these stamps (and those memories).


A large chunk of the right hand page is given over to the beginning of my Weight Watchers journey with some girlfriends. Even just six months later I’m thankful that I created this list of motivating factors – I’m so glad I captured the way I was feeling then and there. And that picture of my tight watch band still evokes feelings of of being hot and bothered in the car on the way home from the zoo and resolving that ‘it’s time to do something about this’.


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