Project Life 2013: Week 2


This was a really hot summer week with a 41 degree scorcher thrown in there – luckily I was at work in the aircon for most of the day.


At the beginning of the week one of my friends gave birth to her second little man, so I got to have newborn cuddles in the hospital. I don’t have kids and didn’t grow up around babies so this was a little nerve wracking. But I made it through without incident and even enjoyed it once the nerves faded.


On the weekend I travelled to Canberra for my niece’s baptism (photos in a separate layout). The ‘Canberra NOT baptism’ photos made it into this layout. Every time I’m in Canberra I feel the pull of the amazing duck sang choy bao at the Dickson Dumpling House. It won’t win any service awards, but the food is great and comes out fast. Big shout out to my aunt and uncle for the suggestion.


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