Southbank Royale

For my recent trip to Melbourne I was looking to stay in a motel or apartment chain, but K persuaded me to look into a holiday rental. We wanted to stay close to the CBD, but not right in the middle of the city. The main thing we wanted to see in Melbourne was the … Continue reading Southbank Royale


St Germain (and glitter)

I loved creating this page. The background paper screamed France at me, so I've been saving it for a Paris layout. I'm glad I did, the colours work really well with these St Germain photos. Once I laid down all the photos it seemed a bit dark, so I added a little glitter to brighten … Continue reading St Germain (and glitter)

Have a Coke with…

The things I can scrap about cause I don't have kids! Coca Cola ran a campaign in Australia in 2011 where people's names or relationships (dad, nan, etc) appeared on cans and bottles and it really appealed to me. I loved it when I got a can that said 'Have a Coke with your brother' … Continue reading Have a Coke with…

Photo Walk: Melbourne CBD

After a day of travelling I arrived in Melbourne before K so I ventured into the city for a bite to eat. K doesn't like Asian food so I made my way to Chinatown to get my Asian fix before she arrived. I'm of the opinion that you don't need fancy surroundings to have quality … Continue reading Photo Walk: Melbourne CBD

Flowers for your birthday

When I made this card out of leftover scraps a few years ago I loved it so much I made a second one straight away. I gave the first card to a friend as planned, but I've been hanging on to the second one for a few years. I didn't want to part with it … Continue reading Flowers for your birthday