Project Life 2013 : Week 1

I was so excited to start my 2013 project life that I started before I received the Seafoam kit.


As a result of my unbridled enthusiasm I needed to do something to make up for not having a kit. This week there are three 3×4 grid cards decorated with washi tape – I quite like the look of them and unless I’m actually studying the cards I don’t notice that they’re not cards from the kit. Last year I used the title cards just with the date added, but this year I’m going a little more ‘out there’ and adding embellishments to the title cards to make each one unique.


I’m also doing a GOALS card at the beginning of each month so I can see what I planned to do each month and then look back and see what I achieved. I’m putting three goals out into the universe each month – sometimes this will be easy to achieve, sometimes it’ll be a total bust and I’m sure that sometimes I’ll put down things I know I’m going to do so I can be sure of achieving something.


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