How rude!! Sharing lunch with a kookaburra

Normally I have some idea of what a layout is going to look like when I start, but this time I had no idea. I created this layout as part of a ‘blind scrap’ challenge at a Scrapbooking From Scratch retreat on the NSW Central Coast run by Peta, the lovely scrapbooking shop owner from the Hunter Valley NSW.


Peta’s blind scraps start with a list of ‘ingredients’ to gather about 15 minutes before the start of the challenge. For example, the ingredients for this challenge were:
– 3 patterned papers
– 4 embellishments
– 1 sticker
– alphabet
– 1 photo (6×4 portrait)
– sticker words
– border punch
– sprayed background

Once the challenge started Peta directed how the ingredients were to be laid on the page e.g. cut the first patterned paper into a 5×7 piece and then place on the left side of the page. The exact placement of each item is up to the individual and no further guidance was provided. This stressed out some of the participants, but I found it quite freeing. Each layout is unique – it’s really interesting to see how each person interpreted the instructions and the end results were amazing!


The journalling on the page says:

I was innocently eating my salami sandwich on the lawn at uni and this RUDE kookaburra wanted to share. He ended up stealing the meat out of half of my meal!

Of course, being a scrapbooker, after it happened I quickly got out my phone and started snapping photos instead of fighting for my lunch!


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