Beatrix Potter: author, illustrator and conservationist

Like so many other children, the works of Beatrix Potter were a pervasive force in my early years. All the way from a Peter Rabbit bowl and spoon to the stories and beautifully illustrated books.

Even in my early adult years when I worked in a bookshop I would sell Beatrix Potter books and know that the children receiving them would be just as delighted with them as I was (and still am).

But for all I loved her characters and illustrations I didn’t know much about the actual woman. Up until I was a teenager I didn’t even know that Beatrix Potter was a woman. Only when I was googling the names of the characters for the journalling on this page I found out she was a naturalist and conservationist with interests in entomology (study of insects), botany (plants) and mycology (fungi). She pursued scientific research and opposed commonly held beliefs in an age where women weren’t even allowed to present papers. She’s just jumped to a new level of respect in my books and is up there with my favourite people.

I’d love to visit the Beatrix Potter Gallery in north-west England which is maintained by the UK National Trust. I’m adding it to my list of things to do on my dream UK rail holiday.

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