Reading Cookbooks

Over the years my parents told the story of not having much money in the early years of their marriage. They both loved food, but their tight budget meant they couldn’t eat out as much as they would have liked. So to work up an appetite they’d read cookbooks together – their version of having entrée.

Often our dinner table conversation would turn to a recipe or ingredient so the cookbooks would get pulled out and poured over, still a good family activity even to this day. Sometimes dreaming about cooking the food is just as good as the actual thing 🙂

I had some newspaper print thickers in my stash that never seemed to go with anything so I coloured them in black with an Artline marker. I combined these with tan coloured lace from World of Lace (picked up at the Craft & Quilt Fair in Sydney), gold, blue, pale grey and orange washi tapes and Kaisercraft Latte pearls.

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